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Great White Sharks are just the ticket

The Ontario Underwater Council (OUC) held a successful fund raising evening at the Ontario Science Centre earlier this month. Although the holiday season is normally a difficult time to get people to come out to Toronto dive events, but when the topic is Great White Sharks, there is always a ticket buying frenzy!

The Science Centre screened the new Imax Great White Shark movie – the public institute is the only theatre in Canada showing the large format film in an Imax theatre.  As well, Canadian TV dive show producers Jim Kozmik and Danny Mauro previewed a recent underwater encounter with Great White Sharks in Mexico waters that they filmed for an upcoming TV special.

The Cayman Island Tourist Board, Blackbeard Dive Cruises and Thousand Island Dive Charters all donated trips for 4 lucky attendees. Pictured below, Tammy van Zyl of the Cayman Department of Tourism stands beside Doug Brignall, a Long-time Ontario diver. The former OUC director won a dive trip for two to Cobalt Coast with Dive Tech and the Cayman Island Tourist Board.   Danny Mauro (above left) and Jim Kozmik not only were volunteer speakers at the fund raiser, they also bought trip raffle tickets. Mr Mauro won a cruise on board a Blackbeard sailing dive charter and Mr Kozmik won a subscription to Diver!
Photo: Stephen Weir


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