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InFocus – 5 Photo Gear Snapshots

Prices vary
A new line of lights that have an LCD display, removable battery, 100 degree beam angle, interchangeable heads, remote control and sealed recharging. Wowsers. What more could you want?

Macromate Mini
This well-priced, flip on and off, lens for your GoPro 3 and 3+ allows you to get within three inches of your subject for some stunningly sharp and higher contrast macro video.

gp360 goproEye Mirror
GP 360
Specifically designed for GoPro 2, 3 and 3+, this underwater lens captures 360 degree action. Process, upload to a special web viewer to allow for stunning interactive 360° video.

Jills Book

Jill Heinerth’s Digital Underwater Photography
ISBN: 0979878926
Jill is one of the best. Her book offers valuable tips and advice for shooting, composition, lighting and more. A great reference.

Nikon D3300 housing
A high end digital SLR housing for 1,500 bucks.  Sheesh. TTL metering, smooth oversized zoom knob, tough and lightweight polycarbonate body, and an aluminum tray. Lens port sold separately.

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