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InFocus: Photo Gear Snapshots

Z100 Housing
‘Bullet proof’ housing for your Sony 4K professional camcorder. Adjustable weight system, surface monitor feed, magnified viewfinder, fingertip controls and a 2-year warranty.


Canon SL1, Waterproof TTL Housing, Camera, and Lens Kit
Everything you need in one amazingly priced package. HD video and great stills from the smallest DSLR on the market. Awesome!


SW8 Port
The perfect companion to a new line of micro 4/3 housings, this 8-inch dome port is designed to cover super wide angle lenses such as a Lumix 7-14mm. Excellent for travellers.


Easy ReleaseEasy Release
Model Release App
This app for iOS and Android devices is an easy to use digital release form. Great for pro photographers wanting model and property releases.


Revive (56g)
Camera flooded? Immediately rinse with fresh water and seal inside a Revive bag.  ‘Bheestie Bheeds’ absorbs more water than silica gel, increasing your chances of gear revival.






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