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Kickstart a new womens dive watch


Whilst at DEMA this year, we had the pleasure of bumping into Chelsea Welch. Her exciting new Kickstarter campaign is for a women’s dive watch that’s been designed by women divers.

Las Vegas based The Abingdon Co. is a boutique watch company for women.  They’ve produced and sold luxurious adventure watches with accessible pricing for the last 7 years, creating watches in styles traditionally reserved for men. “The fact that these products exist for men but not for women is like saying men can use smartphones but women can use ‘cell phones’.  It’s an outdated way of thinking and time for things to change”.  Says Chelsea.

While the company is known for  women’s pilot watches, their new watch – Marina – will be a dive watch for women that offers as much function as it does fashion.  Women’s scuba watches with Marina’s features exist already, but they cost at least $10,000. The goal for the Marina Kickstarter campaign is to help release a women’s scuba watch onto the market with a much more accessible starting price of $950.

You can find out more about The Abingdon Co in the video below, but first, head to the Kickstarter page and help launch the fantastic looking, and practical watches.

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  1. nice dive watches

    Well, nice dive watches indeed, they would look great on women’s wrists, their metal bracelets are awesome


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