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New Scuba Dive British Columbia Video Released

The Dive Industry Association of British Columbia (DIABC) announced the online release of a new video promoting scuba diving in Beautiful British Columbia.

Funded in partnership by the DIABC and Destination BC, and produced by BC’s own SeaproofTV, the video is an exciting 3 minute look at the Canadian province’s stunning dive sites and diving community.

The video is a part of a push being made by the DIABC, to make more people aware that BC diving offers some of the most colourful, beautiful, and fun dives anywhere in the world. The nutrient-rich waters of British Columbia have created thousands of miles of coastline, with an abundance of marine life, stunning topography, and a selection of dives for all certification levels.

The DIABC have recently undergone a successful rebranding including a bold new logo, a new mobile friendly website, an eye catching ‘I Love BC’ campaign, and this new stunning video.

The DIABC is also asking local divers and dive businesses to use the hashtag #scubadivebc on it’s social media posts. As well as asking people to add Pic Badges to their social networking profile photos.

By heading to this link: you can choose to “wear” an “I Love BC” badge on your profile. The more people that wear the badge, the more we get the word out – we love diving in BC! DIVER Magazine is a British Columbia based publication, so we’re already wearing our badge with pride, and we can personally vouch for the stunning diving in the province – this magazine was founded on it!

The DIABC are asking divers to share this video as much as possible. Post to your Facebook, Twitter, blog or web page. Add a Pic Badge to your profile, and use the hashtag #scubadivebc on as many social media posts as you can to help spread the word to people that you think they should be diving in BC.

Some of the most unique diving in the world has ventured even closer to the shores of Vancouver with the recent sinking of the world’s newest artificial reef, the former HMCS Annapolis. Bringing with it, a new wave of attention upon British Columbia.

The sinking of the reef completes the awesome BC Wreck Trek. The DIABC offers free Wreck Trek Passports to divers, available at stores, charters, and dive resorts. Divers can complete the passport by visiting each of the wrecks and reefs featured, and getting the page stamped. Who knows, maybe you can be the first to get a stamp on every page?

With the recent sinking of the Annapolis, BC now has 8 artificial reefs including a Boeing 737, and what was formerly the world’s largest artificial reef, the Cape Breton. But BC doesn’t stop there, we have an incredible diversity of diving to offer…


Ancient Sponges – Open to recreational and technical divers, some sponges cover football fields in immense bioherms, some with origins in the prehistoric ages.

Marine Life – A rich diversity of marine life that Jacques Cousteau called “The best temperate water diving in the world”.

Renowned – Scuba Diving magazine ranked British Columbia’s waters as offering ‘The Best Diving in North America’.

Shipwrecks – Historic shipwrecks are abundant in BC waters, from the recreational depth shipwrecks of Britannia Beach, to the technical diving wonder of the Transpac, and the 100 year old Capilano.

Dive sites galore – Wrecks, reefs, walls, canyons, sea lion dives, pinnacles, sponge bioherms, stunning scenery, freshwater microbialites, and friendly Canadian hospitality!

Photography – British Columbia has been ranked #1 for Best Underwater Photography in North America in Scuba Diving magazine’s Readers Choice Awards.

Dive Packages – Dive resorts and charter operators are the best way to experience diving in British Columbia. Packages include accommodations, boat charters, dive gear, and guides. Most local dive shops offer weekend boat or shore based dive trips, as well as expert advice, gear rentals, and air fills. BC also has some of the best hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions in the Pacific Northwest.


The Dive Industry Association of British Columbia is a non-profit society providing a unified voice for the dive industry, promoting BC scuba diving around the world.

Businesses can become an active Premium Member in the Dive Industry Association of BC for just $75 per year. You’ll get a full descriptive listing on our new website, complete with images and your company videos. But most importantly, you’ll help us promote scuba diving in British Columbia. Basic membership is free and includes your business name and location within our website listings.

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