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Annual Shipwrecks Symposium May 2, Ontario

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The Niagara Divers’ Association will present its 21st Annual Shipwrecks Symposium on Saturday, May 2, 2015. This one-day symposium on shipwrecks will feature multimedia presentations with internationally renowned speakers from both the United States and Canada. $44 CDN / US up to January 26, 2015; $49 CDN / US January 27 – March 17, 2015; $54 CDN / US after March 17, 2015; / lunch included.

Click the image above for a larger view. 

This year, we are very excited to have eight primary multimedia presentations including:

Ric Mixter: Master of Ceremonies & Story Teller
Geoff Barker / Linda Preston: Shipwrecks of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Tony Gramer: Doomed for Disaster – Loss of the Schooner William Young
•  Walter Lewis: Survivors – The Great Storm of 1913
•  Kevin Magee: Railroaded – The Wreck of the Schooner Plymouth
•  Jonathan Moore: The Discovery of HMS Erebus
•  Brian Nadwidny: Environmental Time Bomb – The USAT Brig, Gen. Zalinski
•  Ralph Wilbanks: D-Day’s Sunken Secrets & H. L. Hunley – The World’s First Successful Attack Submarine

Again for 2015, there will be several 5-minute shorts between the primary presentations introducing new speakers, and featuring several new discoveries.

On-line registration now available.

Pre-registration required: for more information contact
For more info, visit:


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