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sw2015 poster_working
Photograph: © Jett Britnell
Photo: Andy Murch
Vancouver Scuba Diving Club circa 1954. From left: Phil Nuytten, behind him, 
Pat Molony,  Jim Willis and Cam Porteous. Photo: Ted Willis
Old Dive Gear Web Intro
Photograph by Lou Lehmann
Photograph by Joseph C. Dovala
Photo: UW Distribution
Photo: Historical Collections of the Great Lakes Bowling Green State University
Illustration By: Aaron Campbell and Mustaali Raj
Photo: Trisha Stovel
Photo: copyright Andy Murch
Photo: Donnie Reid
Beebe award
Parks Canada
Diver floating above Ochre Sea Star (Pisater ochreceus).
Sockeye Salmon swim up the Adams River in British Columbia, Canada to spawn.
Photograph taken in Browning Pass off the north coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, using a Canon EOS A2 with a Canon 15mm Fisheye lens in a Delphinus underwater housing. Two Ikelite S200 strobes provided fill light.  Exposure f11 or f16 at about 1/60th of a second on Fuji Velvia100 film pushed to ISO 200. Photo: © Dale Sanders -
Photograph taken in Blackfish Sound off northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, using a Canon EOS 1n with the Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L lens set at about 70mm.  Exposure f8 at about 1/1000 of a second at on Fuji Provia film pushed to ISO 200.
Photograph taken in Agamemnon Channel on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, using a Nikonos III underwater Camera with a Nikkor 15mm UW f2.8 lens. Exposure about f5.6 or f8 at 1/30 second on Fuji Provia100 film pushed to ISO 200.  Fill light from a single Sea & Sea 120 underwater strobe.  Photo: © Dale Sanders –