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TADPOLES: The Big Little Migration

Inside the current issue of DIVER (Fall 2020) you’ll see a lovely four page feature by our regular columnist Maxwel Hohn, all about the incredible journey of the western toad tadpole.

Maxwel has been capturing footage of the tadpoles for four years, accumulating in this mini nature documentary, noq streaming online for free.

As divers we often get consumed by our passion for scuba, it’s easy to forget that snorkelling is also an incredible way to explore our lakes, rivers and oceans. Some of the most incredible encounters, are right in our backyard…

For more of Maxwel Hohn’s work, visit:

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  1. Louise

    Was thrilled to see the video of the life of young tadpoles which was advertised yesterday in the Vancouver Sun newwspaper. What a wonderful account, great colour, and background music!!


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