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Titanic Trivia Quiz

Test your Titanic knowledge in this interactive quiz…

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5 Responses to “Titanic Trivia Quiz”

  1. cade

    the ship’s fake funnel was the fourth one if you look at a picture of the titanic you’ll notice that no smoke comes out of the fourth one not the first one!

    • rob thorpe

      i agree, its the fourth not first, i am annoyed cos that was the only question i got wrong……well i didn’t really!

  2. Lizzy

    Things wrong with this quiz


    1.) The fact that the word “titanic” is of greek orign is not entirely relevent to the ship, but the meaning (of great size, or power) is the reason the name was chosen
    2.) The Titanic was never formally christened
    3.) Cant actually find if that’s true or not but it doesn’t matter because he wasn’t on duty for a month and who would actually know this anyways
    4.) Although this is true, the Titanic had two sister ships and the wording of the question could be considered confusing, or give off the idea she only had one
    5.) This isn’t really relevant to the Titanic considering the merger happened more than 20 years after the sinking
    6.) Considering that the true number of passengers and a full list of passengers aren’t known, there is no way to prove this.
    7.) This is another accurate one but anyone who knows anything knows it was about two hours and forty-five minutes
    8.) This is true, but it isn’t really relevant that there was a dog named Kitty on the Titanic.
    9.) The fourth funnel was fake and in actuality it was just for ventilation
    10.) The Carpathia was sunk by a U-boat during the war but was not actually in the war, so this is another one that false conclusions can be drawn from.
    11.) This one is really disappointing. Lillian Asplund was the last living survivor that remembered the sinking, however she was not the last living survivor. When Asplund died in 2006, there were still two living survivors, Barbra West who died in 2007 and Milivina Dean, the final survivor, who died in 2009.
    12.) This number is incorrect. Enough said.

    That’s just what I caught that was wrong. Honestly I’m really disappointed that this is one of the better quizes out there. Whoever wrote and posted this quiz really needed to do more research, format the questions better, and structure the order of the questions better.

    I think its really sad when there are published pieces of work that are factual based, such as this quiz, that have false information. Some do quizes like this for fun, and to learn more about a subject, which they can’t do if the information isn’t even right.

    Oh and by the way, if you consider yourself knowlegable about Titanic, your and adult that can’t sort the fact from fiction in this quiz, or you think that there is nothing wrong with this quiz, you might feel pretty stupid after reading this comment because I’m only 15.

  3. rob thorpe

    a great quiz, but i found it a bit too easy ­čÖé

  4. Nitesh

    This is really stupid,the last Titanic survivor to die was Millvina Dean who died in 2009.
    she was the youngest passenger of the Titanic,when boarded Titanic she was just 2 months old.


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