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Video: Becky Kagan Schott explores Alaska’s glaciers with Seiko

To accompany our Fall issue’s incredible feature by Becky Kagan Schott, the Seiko short film can be seen in all it’s underwater glory, right here:

Built from the start for superior operation in the most hostile environments, Seiko diver’s watches were an immediate favorite for high-intensity exploration, becoming essential equipment for the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE) within a year of their 1965 introduction. It was in these frigid waters that the superbly rugged timepieces became legendary for reliability in extreme conditions, taking their place as the watch of choice for generations of polar explorers and mountaineers. Exclusively available in the U.S. market, the Prospex Built for the Ice Diver designs continue the celebration of Seiko’s tested performance in the harshest conditions with designs inspired by the changing colors of polar ice and snow.

Seiko’s acclaimed 2007 automatic diver’s watch became an immediate favorite of collectors drawn to its rugged design features, such as the ultra-wide case and the distinctly thick printed numerals on its bezel. This exceptional and beloved timepiece served as the archetype for the Prospex Built for the Ice Diver series launched in 2020 with distinctively patterned dials, evoking the brilliantly changing reflections of light on glacial ice. These watches are powered by the long-lasting caliber 6R35 automatic movement, and the 200m water-resistant watches follow ISO standards to ensure the robustness required to meet the world’s greatest challenges.

Building on the success of the first generation Prospex “Built for the Ice Diver” series, the 2021 Special Editions are based on the iconic 1970 Diver’s watch, a favorite of daring explorer Naomi Uemura, whose pioneering polar explorations are mirrored in the new designs. Capturing the ever-changing colors of polar ice, transformed as it catches the light in different ways throughout the day, the intricate dials are patterned to suggest sled tracks in the frozen wilderness. The legacy of Seiko’s Diver’s watches continues with today’s most intrepid adventurers, including Becky Kagan Schott, a five-time Emmy-award winning cinematographer, photographer and technical diver specializing in filming challenging underwater environments. Schott, a “Friend of the Brand,” has tested the endurance of these special Prospex designs in dives under the frozen Great Lakes and will continue to collaborate on upcoming expeditions.

To salivate over this awesome watch (or better yet, to order one) visit Seiko:

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