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50 fascinating facts about the ocean

With over 72{c383baab7bef8067e8c9786a45d8006c492489841a98fe37723e304bb1ddd030} of the world’s surface taken up by ocean, there is a huge amount of ocean still to be discovered. Only 5{c383baab7bef8067e8c9786a45d8006c492489841a98fe37723e304bb1ddd030} of the world’s Oceans have been explored and even though it is such a small amount, given how much surface area these oceans cover, we already know so much. Did you know that the world’s oceans are not flat? Due to gravity, underwater mountain ranges and winds, this can affect the sea levels around the world. has created an amazing infographic which contains 50 mind-blowing pieces of information that you may or may not know already. Take a look to find out more about the world’s oceans and what lies beneath…

50 fascinating facts about the ocean

50 fascinating facts about the ocean – Graphic by the team at

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