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Funny angler fish video

True Fact About the Angler Fish

Online performance artist, composer, humorist and all round funny guy Ze Frank, has taken time to educate us about the wonderful existence of Angler Fish.

Watch the trailer for The Current

Get your New Year off to a charitable start with a pledge on Kickstarter. Help support the documentary The Current, a look into the lives of people with disabilities, learning to scuba dive and surf. Jean-Michel Cousteau has already got behind it, and for as little as ten bucks, you can too.

Beautiful Port Hardy 

Few places offer diving as challenging or as impressive as British Columbia’s Port Hardy. Even Cousteau himself said it was the “Best cold water diving in the universe”. We’ve yet to see the vast oceans below Europa’s icy surface, but we’ll take his word for it. Click the link above for a lovely video showcasing the incredible marine life on display.





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