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Warp Speed! The aquabionic warp1 fin

Fins. Not the most exciting piece of dive gear, but definitely one of the most under appreciated. A good pair of fins can make a world of difference to any diver, and the market is some what flooded with options.

The warp1 fin from Cetatek is another ‘revolutionary fin’ with a ‘unique design’. Yeah, we’ve heard it all before. But how good are they really and is there any noticeable difference?

In short: very, and yes.

The wapr1 name doesn’t just suggest speed, it’s also a cunning acronym; “water adapting responsive propulsion”. It’s actually a very fitting description of how this fin differs from the many others on the market.

A Y-frame structure with rigid side struts contain a thin but durable membrane that expands when kicked. This membrane expansion provides noticeable, instantaneous thrust and power. Making for a very versatile and powerful fin, that can be used in many scenarios to great effect. Even the United States Navy have been impressed.

DIVER swam with the fins in the warm waters of Okinawa, and the cold waters of British Columbia, where the fins were designed. We dived in drysuits, loaded with weight, steel tanks, pony bottles and camera gear, and we dived in wetsuits with just a few pounds of lead. We dived in high currents such as the Yonaguni Ruins in Japan, but also at more relaxed sites vacation divers yearn for.

And the result? Cetatek’s warp1 fins are responsive, powerful, comfortable and look bad ass.

The fins are easy to put on, shipping with quick release, adjustable, rubber straps as standard. But with the optional extra of steel spring straps. The foot pockets are comfortable and flexible and fit snuggly around the different types of boots we swam with, and are sold in three different sizes.

The warp1‘s come in four different colours; blue, yellow and red – all with a transparent membrane. Then there’s the fourth option of completely black. What the black pair lacks in high visibility, it more than makes up for in pure sexy awesomeness.

In the water the fins are incredibly lightweight, never feeling too bulky or stiff, but at the same time feeling reassuringly more rigid than a split fin.

As soon as you kick they respond. A frog kick is a pleasure, propelling you forward with a surprising surge, and even back finning seemed a little easier than normal. The more traditional ‘flutter’ kick, or the more advanced ‘dolphin kick’ is where you can really feel an increase in power, perfect for those crazy drift dives or long surface swims.

The technology involved in producing fins, specifically the warp1, is mind boggling in depth. The R&D alone would put some hi-tech computer companies to shame. Yet all of this vanishes as soon as you dive with a pair, and rightly so. As a diver on a relaxing vacation dive, or a tech diver on a mission from God, all you want is a responsive, safe, comfortable and efficient pair of fins. warp1 fins deliver.

When diving Port Hardy, British Columbia you need some kick ass fins. As soon as you roll off the boat and onto the famous Browning Wall, you’re picked up and whisked away by an aggressive current. As a photographer, when you’re zooming past a wall and catch sight of a red Irish lord perched amongst the anemones, you can’t resist a shot. You swim as hard as you can against the current, just to grab that one photo. It may only take a few seconds, but it feels like you’re running a marathon, battling against the ocean’s power. This is where the value of good fins is apparent and every penny you spend becomes 100{c383baab7bef8067e8c9786a45d8006c492489841a98fe37723e304bb1ddd030} worth it.

Swimming against strong current is never an easy task. We found the warp1 fins to be a valuable asset to DIVER’s gear bag, helping us enjoy our dives and maximise swimming efficiency.

Fins can often be an overlooked bit of dive gear. Shop around, find a local dealer that sells or rents the warp1, or purchase direct from the website. You won’t be disappointed.

Warp speed? Make it so.

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2 Responses to “Warp Speed! The aquabionic warp1 fin”

  1. Batgirl Diver

    I love my warp1 fins! I’ve used them in both British Columbia and the tropics. They are great for when I shoot underwater video, responding better than any other fin I’ve used. I am able to move around underwater and kick on the surface without thinking much about it.

    Fortunately for me, I can use the same size with my wetsuit boots and drysuit ones. The foot pockets on them fit really well!

  2. Frank Filbert

    I’ve been diving since 1969 and for most of those years used a ScubaPro Jetfin. Downside is the weight of the Jetfin but performance was great. Due to airline treating scuba gear has regular luggage most divers looked for great gear but much lighter weight. Then came along the Aquabionic Fins. Been using them since they first came out. Down side is hard to get in Manitoba. Last dive shop I worked for had one pair left and I bought them in case my first ever break down. These fins are the best fin I have worn outside of the JetFin. I have a friend that wanted to buy my extra pair and I told him, I love ya man but not that much. :}


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