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Gear Stop: Five to Dive

Five pieces of awesome dive gear, untested but worthy of your dive time


Roland St. John Sterling Hammerhead Shark
Conservationist, videographer and artist Roland St. John has created this latest lovely piece for his Seaplicity Collection. It’s approximately 2 inches of sterling silver on an optional 2mm Omega chain. One of many artful expressions in his extensive collection.


Co-Pro Carbon Monoxide Protection
Single: $7.95 pack: $37.50
Another brilliantly simple and simply brilliant solution for divers. Worried about the quality of your air? Test it for CO by filling a small balloon with air, if the sensor inside changes color, get a new fill, if not, reuse next time .


quikpod Explorer 3 & DSLR/POV
$59.99 & $69.99
A fantastic video accessory available in two models, one for GoPros and smaller,  compact cameras, and a second for heavier DSLRs. Both with great build quality and a load of optional extras, making this one a seriously versatile and useful piece of dive video gear. Even Oprah and Jay Leno are fans.


Aditech Mangrove MVS-8L12
Video a little dark? Try this staggeringly bright 9120 lumens solid state LED / replacement sun. Two output levels for quick exposure adjustments, tough build quality and a compact design make this a great pro video light.


DAN Throw Rescue Bag
$44.95 – $49.95
Essential dive safety gear for boats, and even some shore dives. Two sizes offer 55 and 70 feet (roughly 17 and 21 metres) of floating polypropylene rope. Quick release and a flared nylon top for easy throwing.

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