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Gear Stop: Five to Dive

Five pieces of awesome dive gear, untested but worthy of your dive time


Poseidon SE7EN Rebreather
Developed from the world’s first recreational rebreather, the SE7EN reflects next generation innovation. New hardware and firmware make for a faster and more reliable unit, bluetooth connectivity means easy updates and dive log downloads. Flexible upgrades and accessories make it a great recreational or technical rebreather, rated to 330 feet (102m). All presented in a stylish and cool design that you’d expect from Poseidon.


Hollis 500SE / DC7
A first and second stage reg set-up that wouldn’t look out of place on an Imperial Storm Trooper. Great for back or sidemount, this side exhaust, high performance reg uses a servo-controlled valve for precision airflow.  A top performer for air and trimix divers, and it looks super cool.


diviac Logbook
Free – $19.99 per year
An online logbook accessible from any computer or mobile device. Upload dives, share photos, ID marine life, and create custom templates for Premium users.


EezyCut Trilobite
The must have cutting tool for every diver. Slices through webbing and drysuits like a hot knife through butter. The new Flexi pouch makes mounting onto dive gear even easier. Available in a range of colours. Every diver should have one of these.


One of our favorites, this watch style computer is compact and cool. With scuba, gauge, apnea, swim and watch modes it’s great in and out of the water. Three color options, easy to read display, nitrox compatible and a built-in dive planner with a four button menu system. The Chromis also has a patented stroke counter, for calculating distances based on fin kicks! Innovative and fashionable. Sold!

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