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DIVER news round up: Friday 27th

DIVER magazine scours the internet so you don’t have to. Simply browse our selection of todays top stories and click for further reading…

A very nice video on global reef restoration, made for the PADI Sea the Change Conservation Contest in 2011 it is still worthy of a mention Watch video.

Nothing to do with diving, or even water… but these National Geographic pictures of Earth’s recent aurora’s really must be seen Read article.
Source: National Geographic

iPhone and iPad App: MarineDebrisTracker. Report and monitor trash through this nifty little mobile App (also available on Android) Download.
Source: Apple

Diver finds 1923 class ring and tracks down rightful owner Read Article.
Source: msnbc

Divers discover World War 2 bomber off Swedish coast Read Article.
Source: Underwater Times

Short but sweet article on tiny ocean creatures that inhabit the sea floor  Read Article.
Source: Discovery News


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