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DIVER news round up: Monday 30th

DIVER magazine scours the internet so you don’t have to. Simply browse our selection of todays top stories and click for further reading…

Beneath The Waves Film Festival 2012 is now open for submissions. If you have a marine/ocean orientated film (not necessarily underwater), under ten minutes long then February 24th is for deadline. Read Article.
Source: Beneath the Waves Film Festival

Shrimp view! Ever wondered how a shrimp sees another shrimp? Of course you have! University of Bristol boffins think they know the answer. Read Article.
Source: Discovery News

This has been all over the news recently, but well worth a re-post just in case you’ve been living under a rock. Ocean Explorer has discovered… well, they don’t quite know. A disc like object (above) has been found in the Baltic Sea, speculation is rife from UFO to Russian warship. A fantastic mystery and hopefully something that will peak public interest in exploration. Read Article.
Source: CNN

Virgin Oceanic’s Mariana Trench submersible being testing this week. Read Article.
And if you haven’t seen it already, check out their nice little promo video as well:

Ocean acidification already well beyond natural variability. Read Article.
Source: ars technica

Eco ship concept can harness sun and wind power. Read Article.
Source: The @offgas Daily

DIVER website of the day: The Ocean Portal, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History 




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  1. Sebastian J.

    How much for that underwater plane ?! Do you do a gift wrapping ? It’s my birthday next month ! For me it will be one of the coolest things to be at the deepest place on our planet.


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