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Drink Tank Rum: Support a Delicious Business

Tank_Bottle_frontMany DIVER readers would have seen small, yellow scuba tank water bottles infiltrate all corners of the globe. What a lot of people aren’t aware of is that they were originally intended to house every sea lovers favourite tipple, rum. Time to rejoice rum lovers – they soon will.

Tank Rum is the brainchild of Brooke Bishop, diver, business owner and rum lover. Brooke is asking divers, crowd funders, and rum lovers the world over, to unite and help support Tank Rum’s rather excellent new Fundable campaign.

Fundable, for those that don’t know, is a crowdfunding website, which means you get to financially support a business, in return for some goodies. This doesn’t mean remortgaging your home or sitting down with your bank manager, it’s super simple. Visit the Fundable page, choose how much you wish to “Pledge” to the rum-bunctious cause, then bask in the glory that you may well have helped a promising company get off the ground.

It takes only a few minutes, and you can pledge from as little as $1 – and remember, every penny counts.

Most of the funds raised from the campaign will go towards purchasing the raw ingredients to make the rum, as well as producing the glass bottles and unique chrome cap.

The Tank Rum Premium Rum (80-Proof), is being produced at one of Mexico’s best distilleries, just a few hours drive from the Yucatan Peninsula’s beautiful Caribbean dive sites. It is refined enough that it can be sipped on the rocks, but also flavorful enough that it can be used as a versatile mixer in all traditional rum cocktails and beyond.

The Tank Rum bottle is what it’s all about though – it’s designed for divers, with a bold and modern aesthetic that stands out on any shelf or bar. It’s made from the highest quality glass available, and simply looks awesome!

Help this new, fun and innovative dive company, head to their Fundable CampaignLike it on Facebook, and tell your friends. It’s a good cause, that deserves to be talked about over a post-dive glass of rum!
Watch the video below for full details, then get pledging!
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