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Gear Stop: Dive gear we like

Atomic FinsAtomic Aquatics
Feel the need for speed? Then these new fins designed specifically for a flutter kick will give you a powerful swimming style that will allow you to move through the water fast, even in strong currents. Designed with sweeping curves and a unique two frame structure that combines to offer more power and thrust with each movement. Available in six colours to match your other Atomic gear!

Alligator Knife
Cressi have a whole range of knives named after impressive creatures. But what better name for this essential piece of gear, than the Alligator?! The fantastically priced and solid piece of safety gear is made from high quality 420 stainless steel, with additional rust prevention treatment on the blade, helping maximise its life. With a serrated edge, tough-as-hell scissors and smooth blade, it’s a great combo that could really save your ass one day. A large, ergonomic grip makes it good for dry-gloved divers as well as wet, a stainless loop allows you to easily attach a bolt snap and have it handy for any emergency uses.

Evertec LT
This new version of the popular Evertec drysuit aims to be just as tough – but 25{c383baab7bef8067e8c9786a45d8006c492489841a98fe37723e304bb1ddd030} lighter. The redesigned tri-lam suit has a telescopic torso, new seamless heel neoprene socks, front entry Tizip masterseal zipper, and the nifty I-Safe holder for more secure attachments of wrist computers. Two pockets, kevlar kneepads, Si-Tech valves and, of course, that cool, sleek design. Looks like the Evertec just got better.

SealsApollo Sports USA
Every drysuit diver has experienced a leaky neck or wrist seal at some point. It can mean the end to a pleasurable dive or worse. The bio-seal is an incredibly simple solution to loose fitting seals. The unique, latex-free material is super stretchy and  similar to that of child’s play slime. It’s remarkably soft, and sticky, but easily removable. It stretches comfortably around your neck and creates a tight seal with your existing neoprene or latex seal. At first it feels weird, but it does the job marvelously. Also comes in a dry case, and may very well save a dive or two.

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