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Gear Stop: Five to dive

Five pieces of awesome dive gear, untested but worthy of your dive time


Oceanic Omega 3 / FDX-I
Side exhausts are making a come back and March 2014 sees the release of this Oceanic first and second stage unit. Effortless breathing thanks to a unique levered pilot valve, plus a cold-forged, pneumatically balanced first stage. Ambidextrous breathing and lots of freedom of movement. We’re also a fan of its sci-fi stylings.


Cressi Alpha Dry, Beta and Sigma Snorkels
From $34.95
You can rely on the Italians to bring some style to snorkeling gear. These colorful and functional snorkels are simple, effective, comfy and compact.


Ikelite Canon G16 Fibre Optic Housing
Tough, reliable, ergonomic and super easy to use, Ikelite housings are world-renowned for good reason. Mechanically controlled, near neutral buoyancy, and a polycarbonate body that offers a reassuring inside view.


Waterproof 3D Mesh Vest
We’ll be damned if Waterproof doesn’t make some of the coolest looking dive gear. Made from the same material as the inside of their D1 suit, this incompressible mesh traps warm air, providing a thermos effect. Available in January this could replace your battery-operated thermal layer.


Maxtec iMax Dive Buddy
$149 + Free App
We love this. Attach the small yellow device to your BC, forget it’s there and enjoy your dive. Upon surfacing hold your phone next to it and download all your dive info into the logging app. The best and easiest dive log solution around.  We don’t dive without it.




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