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Fourth Element launch new fins

An exciting week fin lovers! Fourth Element’s new Rec Fins have hit the market. The recycled dive fin is made from post consumer plastic waste.

With a fully recycled plastic blade, the Rec Fins deliver great diving performance with a much lower impact on the environment. The classic 4 channel design generates thrust on both the down and upstroke of the fin, whilst the stiffening ribs ensure excellent control, making this the perfect combination of efficiency and eco-consciousness, minimizing your fin print on the ocean.

The plastic is sourced from post consumer and industrial plastic waste with the equivalent of approximately 120 plastic bottles rescued from waste streams in every pair of fins.

Fourth Element Hardware Product Manager, Dean Martin said, “This is another first for the diving industry from Fourth Element. Our commitment to lead the way in innovative products and the use of recycled materials shows our commitment to look after this planet’s future.”

With the addition of a comfortable heel pad on an adjustable silicone strap, the Rec Fin’s soft foot pocket is comfortable for long dives and is available in 3 sizes to fit shoe sizes from UK 5 – 12.

Designed with the eco-conscious ocean user in mind, these fins are perfect for divers and snorkelers and come in Aqua/White and Black/Grey colours.

Click here to learn more.

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  1. Maria Comstock

    These are really great fins- they are lightweight and pliable. The form of the fin and the hydrodynamic ridges maximize the push for minimal effort and minimize the drag.
    Slipping into the fins is easy, the soft boot allows for comfortable, no hassle wear. The back strap DOES NOT HURT! Unlike the classic metal spring strap, which is A BIG GAMECHANGER! The strap hugs the heel comfortably and you can barely feel it underwater. It is easy to remove the fins under water as well, when climbing up the ladder, small attachments allow you to hook your fingers through the fins and carry them up. And this is where the light weight of the fins come into play again. We all know hiw uncomfortable old models of bulky and heavy fins may be.
    THE BIGGEST, THE IMPORTANTEST AND THE ABSOLUTE BEST FEATURE of these fins is that they are 100% recycled! Yes, folks, first of their kind and you would not discern the high quality of the fins from any other manufacturer. The quality truly is outstanding. The heel strap is designed to be easily removed or snapped off, the material is soft and durable. The holes on the bottom allow excellent water movement and drainage on the surface.
    Now you can help the environment and feel good while wearing these phenomenal, affordable and high quality fins.
    My sincerest opinion!


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