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SEAC’s KS01 Sidemount BCD

Sidemount diving may have been around for while now, but in the last couple of years it seems to have risen in popularity and become a very fashionable way of diving, and not just for cave divers, but open water divers too.

The new SEAC KS01 Buoyancy jacket is a dedicated side mount set up aimed at all levels, from beginner to expert cave diver. The jacket’s light weight and freedom of movement are enhanced thanks to SEAC’s “Quick Adjusting System” a harness and shoulder strap system with neoprene protection that can be adjusted independently.

Made with a tough “Ironman Fabric” that Tony Stark would indeed be proud of, the fabric has a high resistance to abrasion and cutting – so great for those caves dives or wreck adventures. Weighting can often be an issue, especially if you doing some open water dives in a drysuit, the SEAC KS01 is equipped with three trim pockets for easy weight distribution and management. The Trim pockets  can hold 4 lbs (2 kg) each under the back cover (two positions below and one above to enable easier buoyancy management while diving).

With 38lbs of lift the BC is great for most uses, cave diving, wreck diving, wetsuit, drysuit and even mounting two aluminum 80’s. The one size fits all SEAC KS01 is a nicely designed, slim line BC. It’s tough, comfortable and looks cool, which lets face it, is important during these summer months!

For more info, visit SEAC.



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