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InFocus: Backpacks, housings and solar power

DZ100_left_equip Lowepro
DryZone 200
‘A drysuit for your gearclaims the world’s first waterproof soft-sided camera backpack. TIZIP zipper system, rubber covered sealed seams, adjustable dividers, mesh pockets and a lifetime warranty.

RX100 III housing
Sony’s RX100 III is a first rate compact camera that produces remarkable RAW images and impressive HD video, especially in low light. Ikelite’s housing is ergonomic, solid and, paired with their wideangle lens, it’s a must.

Sollargorilla & Powergorilla
$200 $240
This device combines a solar panel charger with a power storage unit.  The Solargorilla charges a range of gear on the go and the Powergorilla stores power for use at a later time.

Watershot GlazyWatershot
Samsung Galaxy S4 housing
Fed up with Apple getting all the goodies? Take your S4 phone down to 195 feet (60m) with a custom app that allows use of video and photo functions.

DPGDive Photo Guide
Underwater photo resource
Recently redesigned and rather shiny, DPG presents scads of useful info on techniques, travel ideas, galleries, equipment , news and contests. An excellent photo resource.

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