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Light & Motion Kickstarter Campaign Gets Attention

California based Light & Motion has been at the forefront of underwater imaging for several years and their Kickstarter announcement has captured the attention of a lot of underwater photographers and videographers!

The Sidekick Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $50,000 so Light & Motion can begin full production of their excellent new GoPro light called Sidekick. The campaign is proving its worth!

For those using GoPros the low light performance can be disappointing and adding a tray, arm and sizable light often defeats the purpose of such a small camera. The Sidekick is tiny, powerful, solid and is designed and built especially for the GoPro, meaning it’s compact too and, well, a match made in heaven.

Early supporters of the Light & Motion Kickstarter campaign can be among the first to receive a new Sidekick, at a discounted rate, so get in there quick. You also get to sleep well at night, knowing you’re helping a North American manufacturer push dive technology forward.

Click on the image below to help kickstart this excellent endeavour.

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