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Simple Sidemount Solutions

For those new to sidemount, or those still trying to find the right gear configuration, Dive Rite may be able to help.

Dive Rite’s new BC Hose Quick Disconnect Adapter is a simple solution to a common routing problem . If the power inflator on your sidemount rig doesn’t sit flat against your chest or is difficult to manage because your low pressure inflator hose is routed from underneath, this adapter is the solution. When used in combination with a short low pressure inflator hose routed from the first stage of the left side cylinder, the low pressure inflator hose running to the power inflator is easily attached, allowing for a streamlined, over the shoulder routing of the inflator hose. The over the shoulder configuration makes the power inflator lie flat on the diver’s chest and becomes easier to manage. The quick disconnect fitting makes connecting and disconnecting the low pressure inflator hose just as easy as it would be if it was on the power inflator.

Check out Dive Rite’s video above to see how it sits, and for more information, visit





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