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Scubacraft: For the James Bond in all of us

Scubacraft is one of the world’s most advanced watercraft and the ultimate in dive vehicles. It can power you out to your favourite dive site at a surface speed of 40 knots plus – almost 75kph. Once you’re there, Scubacraft submerges, and you enjoy the exploration ‘flight’ from the comfort of the perfect diver propulsion vehicle. When you discover that Spanish galleon, ‘park’ your Scubacraft on the bottom and go in for a closer look.

Scubacraft’s SC3 Sport accommodates three divers over a range of 80 nautical miles (148 kilometres) so it can deliver you and your buddies to any of your local dive sites. The advanced twin tunnel hull design has exceptional high-speed maneuverability and low speed stability. It comes complete with waterproof VHF radio, GPS and emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB).

The intuitive dive controls let you slide under the waves. Once underwater, the Scubacraft has a top speed of three knots (5.5 km/h). The four electric thrusters give the vehicle extreme hydrodynamic control without sacrificing submerged stability from the hydrofins and the streamlined body. The Scubacraft is also packaged with its own onboard air supply with emergency back-up regulators and even its own integrated dive computer!

The Scubacraft comes in either yellow or black, for the James Bond in all of us! The production model seats three but there is a six-seater on the drawing board and a concept for a completely electric version called the Volt.


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  1. Mike McAllister

    Very cool. The under water sleds in “Thunderball” were based on the actual operations of the Italian Navy in WWII. In Fleming’s book he describes the ship “Olterra”which had a concealed underwater hatch, so that the frogmen could emerge unseen with their rideable torpedoes. ( the warhead was a detachable mine) See also “First Seals- The Untold Story of the Forging of America’s Most Elite Unit”. by Patrick K. O’Donell.


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