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The stacks: Books in print and worthy of your attention

SS Atlantic: The White Star Line’s First Disaster at Sea
By Greg Cochkanoff and Bob Chaulk
SS Atlantic was lost in 1873, 39 years before the iceberg infamy of Titanic, her corporate sibling. Though different, the magnitude of both tragedies, each with great loss of life, commanded world headlines. Author Cochkanoff, an avid diver and authority on Nova Scotia’s underwater heritage, did not live to see publication of his research and manuscript, considered the most comprehensive account of SS Atlantic.  The book is replete with superb drawings from the day, early photographs and many artifact images, all from Cochkanoff’s extensive collection. The wreck site near Halifax makes a good dive. So does this book.
ISBN 978-086492-528-2
Goose Lane,

Breatheology: The art of conscious breathing
By Stig Åvall Severinsen
A four-time world champion free diver, the author says most of us breathe inefficiently and less energy is the price we pay. The solution to poor breathing habits? Become aware of your breathing and learn to breathe efficiently. Each chapter of his book contributes to an expanded knowledge of breathing technique. Readers learn about restless breathing, considering stress, thought control and diet. Severinsen moves on to normal breathing and habits. Successively, he takes us into the realm of trained, sustained, powerful, therapeutic and soothing breathing. Throughout, exercise is emphasized. A good mind and body ‘how to’ for any diver.
ISBN 1-928649-34-3

Mastering Rebreathers 2nd Edition
By Jeffrey E. Bozanic
In this 700-pager the author explains the reason for a 2nd edition: rebreather use is expanding into recreational diving. Some new divers are training directly on rebreathers, no open circuit instruction. In 14 chapters Bozanic dives into the details. Methodically, he covers history, gear, physics, physiology, theory, and then walks the reader through dive preparation, techniques,  post dive requirements, gear maintenance and emergency procedures. Extensive appendices offer useful reference that covers dive tables and a wealth of information for users of specific rebreather units on the market today. This is for anyone wanting to know more about rebreathers.
ISBN 978-1-930536-57-9
Best Publishing Co.,



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