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GearStop: A Rebreather, Glacia Legend, GH4 housing and dive shades!

O2ptimaDive Rite
O2ptima Rebreather
This fully closed circuit, constant P02, electronically-driven rebreather features built-in decompression ability. Dive Rite’s O2ptima is great for overhead environments where immediate surfacing is not always possible, and it will appeal to open water and wreck divers too.  Features include 5-litre total loop volume counter lungs for easier breathing in all dive positions;  the Shearwater Research Divecan Petrel controller and heads-up display; four oxygen censors; an O-ring free barrel that uses a friction seal to minimize wear; Dive Rite XT-1 first stages; CCR XT wing and choice of harness. This sleek, compact unit uses tear resistant Rhinotec for light weight and toughness in the most challenging cave, wreck and other dive conditions.

AquaLungAqua Lung
Legend Glacia
$825 (DIN)
As the name suggests, Legend Glacia is a regulator built for harsh environments. Aqua Lung has long experience building regs and this one offers greater resistance to freeze-ups than any offered by the company to date. The Glacia is fitted with three heat exchangers, the second stage has an aluminum cover, all designed to combat freezing. It even comes with a lip shield to keep you warmer. This summer head to the Arctic!

Ikelite GH4Ikelite
Panasonic GH4 housing
This housing accommodates the older GH3 and its successor, the new Panasonic GH4 DSLR. For those unaware of the Panasonic GH4, it’s widely regarded as one of the best DSLR video cameras in the world. It records stunning 4K video at 30fps and gives the RED EPIC a run for its (much more) money. Put the GH4 inside a lightweight, tough, polycarbonate housing and you’ll have one of the best and most affordable underwater video packages on the market today. Amazing.

Dive shadesDive Shades
Special Edition & Traditional
Let’s be honest, everyone wants to look cool when they’re out on their summer dives; hey, we’re just as stylish as snowboarders and surfers! Dive Shades is an online store that offers a large range of sunglasses in different styles. All shades sport a subtle, but cool, dive flag on the frame, and 100 per cent UV and AV protection with polarized lenses. You can also get a neoprene sunglasses retainer and a water resistant case.

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  1. You don’t need to be anywhere near salt water for I live ~40 miles from the nearest salt water and have surface rust after 2-3 days of not


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