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SeaCure Regulator Mouthpiece

There’s no shortage of replacement mouthpieces available and most are pretty standard, so why dedicate a web article to one?

The idea of SeaCure Custom Mouthpieces is brilliantly simple and one that stands out in a crowded market. It’s a unique take on a familiar product; moldable mouthpieces for a customised fit. It makes sense after all, there a a bazillion options for BCD’s, wetsuits, computers and even regulators themselves, so why not offer an option for custom mouthpieces?

The SeaCure comes in a variety of colours and sizes, the first step is to choose one that fits your regulator, and that can be done by clicking here.

The moulding process is simple as can be (follow the instructions for a start!), but essentially boil some water, submerge part of the mouthpiece for 25 seconds, shake free of scolding water, place in your mouth and bite down. The result is pretty instant and the mouthpiece can be trimmed for all shapes and sizes.

So that’s the how, but why? What’s the difference between this and a ten dollar replacement for my reg? Simple; maximum comfort. The mouthpiece is the connecting part of your regulator and you, a moulded and customised mouthpiece that fits your unique teeth and jaw, can greatly reduce fatigue.

Because the SeaCure mouthpiece reaches to the back teeth and fits your specific mouth, less muscle pressure is required to keep the regulator in place, which can make a huge difference on multi dive liveaboards or in super strong current.

So what if you don’t mould it correctly and it’s not sitting comfortably? Or what if I have half my teeth knocked out playing ice hockey? No problem! The SeaCure is remoldable. Simply go through the moulding process once more, and in a few minutes you’ll have a modified mouthpiece that again, fits like a glove. Er, a glove you put in your mouth of course…

An interesting point about the SeaCure is that it uses significantly less muscle power, which can make it easier on your ears too. Because the mouthpiece grips the diver, the diver does not have to grip the mouthpiece. This reduction of muscle activity can help people who are prone to clearing problems, especially if you’re doing 4 dives a day on a liveaboard vacation.

It is larger than a standard mouthpiece, and for some it may take a couple of dives to get used to, it did me. But now I won’t dive without it, the difference between a ten dollar replacement and a custom moulded mouthpiece is huge. My dives are simply a little more comfortable than before, and that is worth every cent.

You don’t have to spend big bucks to make a big difference to your set up, $34.95 isn’t exactly a mouthful. I now dive with less jaw fatigue, and in funky shade of blue.

For more information on SeaCure click here.






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