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Underwater Structure: Man made, natural or UFO?

In the current issue of DIVER magazine, Andy Murch travels to Japan’s Yonaguni Island to dive the infamous Yonaguni Ruins.

Opinions regarding the ruins are split between those that believe the ruins are natural, those that believe they are man made, and in the video below, those that think they were created by aliens.

Grab the latest issue of DIVER (Volume 38 Issue 4) or download directly to your iPad.

Read our roving reporter’s verdict, see his fantastic photographs and learn about diving in Okinawa, Japan. But for now watch this 8 minute clip from the History Channel and decide for yourself; did aliens really make the Yonaguni Ruins?!


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One Response to “Underwater Structure: Man made, natural or UFO?”

  1. Murat DEMIRAG
    05/07/2013 at 6:51 am #

    Yonaguni Monument is also located in the “disaster area” called the Dragon Triangle. Just like Bermuda Triangle, Dragon Triangle is famous with sunk ships and disappeared planes in the area. These two triangels are cut by the same parallel on the Globe.

    “Ancient Astronaut Theory” believers think that this special global positioning is something related to the creatures outside the Earth.

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