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Gear Lust: Red’s EPIC with Gates housing

Create your own underwater movies so high in image quality that even your 80-inch high-definition TV can’t do them justice. Still, you can invite family and friends over to share your amazing discovery dive of that Captain Morgan pirate ship off the Panama coast. They’ll be impressed!

The RED 1 video-cam changed the face of videography around the world.  And the company’s new EPIC camera has introduced us to the next generation of digital cinematography. The EPIC features a 5K sensor that allows the operator to shoot both fashion spreads for magazines and 3-D IMAX features for the wide screen. The EPIC has a dynamic range of 18 stops allowing you to shoot in any and all lighting conditions with a full set of lenses that allow full control of your shooting.

The Gates DEEP EPIC housing for the Red EPIC camera system is unsurpassed in control and quality. The housing is built from bullet-proof aluminum with 100 per cent mechanical controls that allow complete access to all camera functions. The precision ports assure quality optics: clarity, sharpness and no vignettes present your epic adventure just as real on screen as you experienced it underwater.

Gates DEEP EPIC housing
$18,280 plus ports

EPIC-M Collection
$58,000 plus lenses



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