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Dive Gear: Maxtec Handi+ Oxygen Analyzer

Manufacturer: Maxtec
Product: Handi+
Recommend Retail Price: $225

Having an O2 analyzer on hand is an excellent addition to your gear bag. For some, checking your O2 level pre-dive is an essential requirement, for others it can be a great habit to get into. After all, no harm ever came from doing too many checks.

Maxtec’s Handi+ is a perfect little gizmo. Small enough to fit in the the palm of your hand, but tough enough to take the inevitable knocks and scratches a diver will put it through. Two buttons make this super simple to use; a power button wakes the unit, whilst the other is a one touch calibration.

Either attach the unit directly to your BC hose – a great idea when being tossed around a dive boat, or simply hold the device’s Oxyknob up to your tank valve and slowly release your tanks gas. The clear LCD display will stabilize and show an accurate oxygen percentage at 0.1 increments, all the way up to 99.9{c383baab7bef8067e8c9786a45d8006c492489841a98fe37723e304bb1ddd030}.

The Handi+ has an auto power off function, which is very useful since this unit does not have a user replaceable battery. In fact the Handi+ is meant to be “disposable”, one of the reasons the price is so low for such a neat little O2 analyzer . However, manufacturer Maxtec have been known to offer a battery replacement service if needed. This being said, the battery is set to last 1850 hours. That’s a lot of analyzing and a lot of tanks!

Under three inches in diameter and length, and weighing approximately 60 grams, the Handi+ really is, well, handy.

A fantastic piece of gear that every diver should have in their kit. Checking the O2 content of your tanks, be they for recreational open water, cave dives or tech diving, is a good habit to get into. The Handi+ is a piece of dive safety gear that is small, light, tough, cool looking and well designed to become an essential part of your pre-dive checks.




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