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SeaLife Flex-Connect

SeaLife has released the above video displaying the ease of assembly and universal compatibility of their Sea Dragon Lighting and Flex-Connect mounting system – the fastest way to connect underwater lights and accessories to cameras.

The new video is available on the SeaLife YouTube channel along with a host of other videos displaying SeaLife products and their capabilities.

SeaLife’s new Sea Dragon Flash, Sea Dragon 1200 Lumen Light and 2000 Lumen Light are powerful, compact and intuitive to use. Combining them with the versatile Flex-Connect system allows for a complete range of underwater camera setups, from the ultra-compact to the more robust and featured packed – and anything in between. Divers can quickly adjust to their diving environment by adding or removing lights and accessories with ease, underwater or on land. With many more Flex-Connect accessories and adapters soon to be released, the options for underwater cameras will continue to grow.

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